These GIFs Of Ong Seongwoo In “At Eighteen” Will Make Your Heart Flutter

How do you get a boyfriend like him?

Currently, Ong Seongwoo is acting in his debut drama, the JTBC show At Eighteen alongside actress Kim Hyang Gi. The coming of age drama is a hit amongst the public, with many loving all the heart fluttering moments the drama has.

One scene involves how Ong Seongwoo (Choi Joon Woo) sneaks up being Kim Hyang Gi (Yoo Soo Bin) and holds her hand. People can’t get over how sweet, such a small gesture is.

There’s also a scene in which the two share a meal and then stare into each other’s eyes. Though a small action to some, many agree that the tension is making their hearts melt.

There’s also a scene in which the two plan to go on a date. While Soo Bin was getting ready, her boyfriend arrived earlier than the date time to wait in front of the girlfriend’s house.

There are also scenes in which Joon Woo kisses Soo Bin. Once on the cheek,

and another on the lips!

Just check out his jaw during their kiss scene. What a babe!

People can’t believe how heart fluttering the drama is, with some saying that they want a love like the couple on the drama. Fans even joked that Ong Seongwoo made them forget their first love because of how dreamy he is!

Because of Choi Joon Woo, the summer was full of heart fluttering moments.

– Korean Netizen

Source: Pann

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