GIFs show Taeyeon and Suzy’s reactions when shown this “certain” item

A fan signing event is one of the best places for fans to have one on one interactions with their favorite idols. 

During these events, fans often give their favorite singers gifts, such as food, drinks, or toys. Many fans also take the opportunity to joke around with the idols as well, playing cute pranks or telling them short jokes as well.

For example, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon and miss A‘s Suzy shared similar experiences with a short, corny prank. The simple yet effective prank starts off with the fan telling the girls “I have something really beautiful to show you,” piquing their interest. Right when they’re expecting something surprising, however, the fans hold out a mirror, explaining that the singers themselves are what they were talking about.

Although the prank is quite simple and rather corny, Taeyeon and Suzy seemed to enjoy the joke, laughing out loud at the realization.

Source: Instiz