Gifs Of Sana’s Terrible Athleticism Will Make You Love Her Even More

TWICE‘s Sana has shown great charisma, strength, and passion while performing on stage, but it looks like her athleticism on stage isn’t the same on the track.

Fans and netizens first noticed that Sana was not very good at sports in the Idol Star Athletic Championships when she was overtaken by every other contestant in almost every field she competed in.

On the running track, Sana started out strong and whizzed past the other contestants, but was soon passed by the others almost instantly.

During archery, Sana displayed excellent form and posture, but her arrow flopped and bounced off the target. Her fellow TWICE members still applauded her for trying her best while Sana hung her head low in embarrassment.

Furthermore, in Knowing Bros and Sixteen, Sana participated in the Korean chicken fight game, where players are required to hold one leg up by the ankle and push other players until they lose balance. However, Sana always ended up being the first member to lose balance and lose the game, sometimes before the game even started.

In Sweet Stranger and Me, Sana participated in the limbo but immediately fell into a split before she was able to go under the rod, once again invoking many laughs among the cast and crew.

Sana is also often spotted bringing laughter to the group due to her clumsiness, as seen here when she sits too far on the edge of the seat and slips off, and when she loses balance during a performance.

Her clumsiness is definitely one of her most loveable traits!

Source: Dispatch