This Girl Dresses Sexy And Plays Piano, Now She’s Rich And Famous

Talented and sexy is definitely a winning combination.

Like a lot of Youtubers, this Japanese girl releases videos of herself playing the piano – but she’s standing out from the crowd with her revealing costumes.


Jazz pianist Riyoko Takagi started filming her piano performances last year, becoming famous for a Christmas video in which she appeared wearing festive underwear.


Then, she gave everyone a New Year’s gift with a courtesan-inspired performance that left very little to the imagination.


Now she’s turned to cosplay, returning as anime character Lum Invader, or Lum, the female protagonist from the manga and anime series “Urusei Yatsura”, while playing a jazz version of the anime’s theme song.


According to Takagi, the Lum jazz piece was the start of an anime song series that she’ll be adding to in the coming weeks. In her very latest video, she performs the theme song from the first four seasons of “Sailor Moon” while dressed as Unagi.


Takagi has been playing piano since she was four years old and plays successful jazz shows around Tokyo.

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But now fans are asking her to give live shows in cosplay around the country!

Watch the Lum cosplay video below.

Source: SoraNews24