An All-Girl Esports Team Just Found Out One Of Their Members Is A Man

The group has even apologized to fans!

The all-girl Esports team Whip originally played Call of Duty. It was their exclusive game before branching out into other games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and Final Fantasy back in October. While the group’s games changed, their rules on team gender didn’t.

Whip team member Tun_cos.


Despite having a vetting process, one man managed to slip through the cracks. Last week, Whip’s leader Peroru broke the news to fans and apologized for allowing a man into the group.

“We recently made the discovery that one of our members is a man. This person is no longer a member. Even though all of our current members were unaware that he is a man, we feel deeply apologetic towards everyone who has been cheering for us. Moving forward, we aim to provide even more of the excitement you all expect from us as a girls gaming team. We sincerely hope that we can continue to have your support.” — Peroru


This sudden bit of news left many fans wondering how this was even possible.

  • “What do you mean? How could you not tell?”

  • “Did you not notice until now? So when did you actually notice? And how?”

  • “Read AKB49.”


Others weren’t quite sure why it was such a big deal.

  • “Even a man can become a princess.”

  • “I don’t know if this is really serious…”

  • “Is there a legitimate reason to discriminate?”


No one is quite sure why the group is exclusively for females but they adopted the practice when they formed the team. As to how a man slipped into their ranks, netizens have been speculating that he used voice alteration software.

Whip team member Melakokko.


This theory is made even more likely since the group doesn’t meet in person very often and their videos generally have a voice over leaving a window of opportunity for a guy to sneak in.


So far the group hasn’t commented on what they will do in the future, but they’ll probably be meeting in person a lot more often!

Source: @whip_only