This Girl Group Earned NOTHING While They Were Still Promoting

This is heartbreaking.

It is common knowledge that being an idol is risky and unstable. The select few who manage to become popular can earn millions of dollars, but most groups never reach that level.

One such group is Fiestar who disbanded last year. When asked in an interview if they were ever paid, former Fiestar member Hyemi (now known as YEL) revealed in an interview,

Our income was zero won. The company’s costumes and props were always so high quality, but our results weren’t so good.

She followed this by praising the company and thinking back fondly to the experiences she gained in Fiestar.

Still, it was a very good company. They always gave us allowances. Even though we didn’t have any income, when Fiestar was promoting, I still gained priceless experiences. We weren’t excessively famous, but there are still many people who remember Fiestar. I think that repays all of the hard times we had.

Hyemi ended by saying that the members are still on good terms and are supporting one another. She hopes that they will succeed and find happiness.

Source: Nate