Girl Group Revealed to Do Their Own Hair and Makeup Before Performing on Stage

They also come up with their own choreography.

A post predicted by netizens to have been uploaded by CEO Kim Tae Hyun of Roots Entertainment has been drawing overwhelming attention due to the reveal that Girls’ Alert doesn’t have a makeup artist or a choreographer.

Mr. A, who netizens suspect is the CEO of Girls Alert, posted, “There’s no fashion coordinator or choreographer, so one of the members, Gooseul does it all. The members also do their own  makeup.

Mr. A continued, “Since the first theme was already picked by another CEO, there was no need for a fashion coordinator. It’s also true that they do their own makeup. They need to learn how to dress up themselves so that they’ll know what looks good when someone else does it for them.

But Mr. A also expressed his apologetic feelings toward the group. He added, “I want to apologize to the members for what’s been lacking.


Girls’ Alert is famous for coming up with their own choreography. In a past interview, Gooseul confessed that she made up the choreography for “Dreamgirls” and “Daddy Long Legs”.

In response to the post, netizens are responding with comments such as “It’s too bad they can’t take off despite their talents“, “They’d already be famous if they debuted with a big company“, and “That’s so frustrating“.

Source: Insight