This Girl Group’s Members Made Less Than $10,000 Across Their Seven Year Career

They didn’t like their agency at all.

It’s well-known that less popular groups don’t pay their idols much money and on top of that often charge them for their training, putting them in massive debt even before they debut. What is especially surprising is how high up the K-Pop food chain this continues to happen.

Recently, Minhee of STELLAR hosted a Q&A on her YouTube channel with fellow STELLAR member Gayoung. The girls were asked about how much they made as members of STELLAR. STELLAR for those who don’t know, was initially a four-member girl group under “The Entertainment Pascal” who debuted in 2011. The group had a respectable level of popularity during the first few years of their existence.

The group had a very “sexy” style and Gayoung revealed they were often forced into those concepts against their wishes because it made the most money.

Their relationships with their company were far from good which is why members were constantly leaving the group before it officially disbanded in February 28th. The girls made a shocking revelation in their Q&A, they said that each member earned less than $10,000 in their seven years as part of STELLAR.