Girl Group Member Pleads For Fans To Wear Deodorant To Fanmeetings

She had a detailed message.

Fanmeetings are events where lucky fans can meet their idols up close. In the J-Pop industry, this comes in the form of “handshake events” where they can even shake hands with their favorites.

Though Japanese idols do their best to create a memorable and fun experience for each person, there are some boundaries that they also set for themselves. Being in a hygienic environment was the limit of SKE48 member Kaori Matsumura.

SKE48 member Kaori Matsumura.

She mentioned online that one female fan complained about “a serious problem” regarding the rancid smell coming from other fans.

Thank you all for coming out to the handshake event. We received a complaint about a serious problem.

One of the female fans who was waiting in line to shake our hands said she couldn’t stand the smell in the venue, and asked if anything could be done about it.

— Kaori

Instead of shaming the ones who had dismal body odor, she consoled them by admitting that it was a problem that many people face.

It’s hard for people to notice their own body odor. It’s something those of us in SKE48 have to be careful about too!

— Kaori

She shared photos of two deodorant examples, BIC’s Deonatulle and Shiseido’s Ag+, in order to provide a direct solution to the issue of bad hygiene.

So let’s pick up these two items at the drugstore and take care of the problem!

— Kaori

With the message that there was no excuse to not smell fresh, she later posted another deodorant option, this time a roll-on version that would be allowed inside the closed venues in lieu of spray-on cans.

Netizens responded to her posts with comments thanking her for her honesty. They added that it was a problem they, too, noticed whenever they attended fanmeetings or handshake events.

  • Thank you! Honestly, sometimes the smell at handshake events is so bad I want to get out of line and just leave.
  • It’s especially bad at summer events.
  • Deodorant is an absolute necessity. Thank you for telling everyone.
  • People who have to rush to make it to the event on time [and get sweaty in the process] need to be aware of this.

Source: Sora News 24

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