Girl Group Members Who Are Still Friends After Disbanding

It’s never good news to hear news of a group disbanding. However, these groups seem as if they never disbanded at all!

Fans are always disappointed to hear the news of their favorite group disbanding, but the fans of these former girl group members no longer need to worry as their friendship is still going strong! Although it’s been a while since these girl groups disbanded, they continue to show their love for each other through Instagram.

Check out these girl groups below!

Wonder Girls


#싱글라이더 @ssoheean ❤️???? 싱글라이더 두번 보세요 세번 보세요 ??????

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The news of Wonder Girls disbandment left many fans devastated. Although Sunmi rejoined the team after Sohee left, they were both a part of Wonder Girls when the group first debuted. Through Sunmi’s Instagram, she posted a photo of her attending the premiere of Sohee’s upcoming film Single Rider. Her post tells fans to watch Sohee’s film twice, and then again a third time.



고우리생축? #RAINBOW

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#소원 #비밀 ??????

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Rainbow recently disbanded after 7 years together, to the disappointment of their fans. On February 22nd, the members reunited once again to celebrate Woori‘s birthday. Even though they have gone their separate ways, the members seem as if they have never left each other. Look at how much fun they are having!




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Although Minzy left the group before the group officially disbanded, their leader CL just can’t seem to let any of her members go. CL posted on Instagram a picture taken back in November of 2015 of the original four members. It seems as if CL isn’t the only one reminiscing the past as Sandara Park reposted the same picture as well.

Source: InStyleKorea