Only Three K-Pop Girl Groups Have Achieved This Album Sales Milestone

No other girl groups have done it.

K-Pop has countless commercially successful girl groups, but so far only three have sold over 200,000 copies of a single album on Gaon.


According to the Gaon sales charts, BLACKPINK has sold an astonishing 209,237 copies of Square Up so far.


What makes this achievement even more impressive is the fact that the album has only been out since June 15!


TWICE takes second place on this list with their mega-popular album, Twicetagram.


It has sold 347,534 copies on Gaon since its October 30, 2017 release date. Several of their reissued albums have also sold over 200,000 copies.


What is Love? has sold over 342,760 since April 9, 2018!


Girls’ Generation has sold more copies of a single album on Gaon than any other girl group so far. Since November 1, 2007, the group’s debut album, Girls’ Generation, has sold 206,047 copies on Gaon.


I Got a Boy has sold 310,757 copies since Janury 1, 2013…


…Oh! has sold 418,162 copies since January 28, 2010…


…and The Boys has sold a mind-blowing 467,783 copies since October 19, 2011!


Congrats to BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Girls’ Generation for making sales history!

Source: Gaon Charts