When This Girl Started Crying… Tzuyu Showed Her True Colors

Tzuyu’s heart is so full love, she simply couldn’t watch the girl cry.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu, Sana, and Jeongyeon appeared on Hello Counselor and attempted to figure out how a young, aspiring singer-songwriter could solve her conflict with her mother who is against her dream.


On the show, the middle school student shared how she is pursuing her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter even though her mother is completely against the idea and does not support her chasing her aspirations.

“I passed the first round of an audition, but couldn’t get my mom to sign the agreement form so I couldn’t move on to the next round and I cried for three days. She keeps saying I should quit and that I should become a comedian instead.” — Girl


When the mother continued to belittle her daughter’s dream and deny that she had the talent to become a singer-songwriter, the student began crying in absolute despair.


As the hosts and guests tried to convince the mother to at least let her daughter try and decide for herself, Tzuyu began patting the crying girl on the back.

Tzuyu looked concerned for the girl, who couldn’t bring herself to say anything against her mother.


When the panelists decided to let the school girl give a performance, she shook in absolute nervousness. Tzuyu held tightly on to the girl’s hand and showed sincere support.


The girl sang her mother’s favorite song despite being shaky and unprepared, causing her mother to burst into tears. Tzuyu complimented the girl when she finished singing.

“Good job!” — Tzuyu


Tzuyu encouraged the girl to keep working hard to achieve her dream and other endeavors in life.

“This hardship you’re going through right now, or even in the future, is all a part of your life experience.” — Tzuyu


Tzuyu’s warm personality really shone through as she tried to comfort the miserable girl. She truly has a heart of gold!