This Girl Has Been Training Under SM Entertainment For 7 Years Now

Everyone is waiting for her to debut!

Meet Koeun, a girl who is the longest-running trainee at SM Entertainment.


She joined SM Entertainment in 2011 which means she’s been training for 7 years!


Koeun, along with a few other rookies, was actually in the lineup to debut with Red Velvet. They even made an appearance in Red Velvet’s “Happiness” music video!


Since she didn’t debut as part of Red Velvet, Koeun was officially introduced as an SM Rookie in 2015 and became a part of the pre-debut team currently known as SR17G.


Koeun is rumored to be in the running for the main vocalist position of the group. It’s not much of a surprise because she has a beautiful, clear, and soft voice that’s absolutely mesmerizing!


She showed off sweet vocals on Korea’s Mickey Mouse Club.


Since becoming a part of SR17G, she’s made an appearance in Super Junior Yesung‘s “Paper Umbrella” music video…


And she’s friends with fellow ’99 liner NCT‘s Mark!


It’s rumored that that Koeun was street-cast and attended SM Academy.


She loves watching movies, painting, and doing yoga!


And she is known for her sweet disposition.


Koeun has been receiving a lot of attention recently, not only for her long trainee period but because some netizens think she looks like TWICE‘s Momo.

  • “She has that Momo vibe.”

  • “She kind of reminds me of Momo.”

  • “Especially with the short hair!”

  • “She’s cute!”


Others netizens aren’t so sure that’s who she looks like…

  • “She doesn’t look like Momo.”

  • “I don’t see Momo. She looks more like MOMOLAND’s Daisy!”

  • “I see Haein.”

  • “I’m not seeing the resemblance to Momo.”


But everyone can agree that she needs to debut soon!

  • “She’s so cute! Why hasn’t she debuted yet?”

  • “Why is SM sitting on her?”

  • “Dear SM…debut her!”

  • “She seems like the type who’d have a lot of female fans when she debuts.”

  • “She’s so pretty! I want her to debut!”

Source: Pann Nate and instiz