This Girl Went On “Show me the Money” Now She’s Making 100x More Money

She’s one of the hottest female rappers in Korea now!

Asol literally went from zero to a hundred after her appearance on Show Me The Money 6.

She revealed on Video Star that her income was literally zero when she first auditioned for the competition.

“Before SMTM6, I didn’t promote at all, so my income was at 0.”

Asol was an underground rapper that had yet to find a spotlight to voice herself.

But she stole the show during SMTM6 when she continued to amaze the judges with her bold personality and sick rhymes.

Ever since then, she’s been showered with endorsement deals and performance bookings.

She revealed that she’s now making 100x more money than when she first started.

“You can say [I’m making] 10x as much or even 100x as much.”

She’s become an endorsement model for Converse in Korea, as well as featured in multiple pictorials for famous magazines, such as BNT.

Congratulations on your new success, Asol!

Source: Dispatch