Girls Around The World Are Swooning Over This Korean Bodybuilder (11 Photos)

This bodybuilder and model has fans from all around the world, and it’s little wonder why.

Meet Ryu Jaeheon, the South Korean model, fitness coach and bodybuilder with thousands of fans on social media from around the world.


Ryu Jaeheon won bodybuilding competitions like the WBFF Muscle Model Pro and NABBA WFF Classic Model Pro.


He won first place in the 2018 NABBA WFF ASIA Open CHAMPIONSHIP “Pro League” and “Classic Model” categories, and came first at the 2018 Asia Grand Prix.


He won his first competition in 2015 and recently returned after a two-year hiatus to take the crown yet again.


He’s an active model in the men’s fitness and the bodybuilding world…


And it’s no surprise he’s got a massive social media following, thanks to his amazing body and handsome face!

He has more than 44,000 followers on Instagram.


He recently began filming healthy mokbang videos, and people from all around the world love watching him eat.

Mokbang is a video of people eating food.


He munches down healthy meals of meat and vegetables to help him gain muscle.


And he does it all without a shirt on!


Netizens from all around the world have been admiring his body, dedication to fitness, and ability to look attractive even while eating!

  • “Jesas it’s not even your abs or shoulders, it’s your face! So handsome! Go healthy!”
  • “I thought the angels did not exist but I was wrong! you are an angel.”
  • “Rare kind of porn hahaha.”
  • “Deliciosa comida”
  • “What a pleasure to see you eat …!”
  • “Wow… you are so cool and handsome! ㅜㅜ”
  • “You look good while eating. Meanwhile I look like a whale lol”


Not only is he a dedicated bodybuilder and model, he is also an excellent husband and father.


He often shows his beautiful family off proudly.


Marital status aside, fans will continue to follow his progress as he continues to work hard and look absolutely amazing!

Source: KNS TV