Girl’s Day Members Share Their Embarrassing Drunk Stories

Each of the members of Girl’s Day shared their unique habits that they only display when they’ve had just a little too much to drink.

On a recent episode of tvN‘s Life Bar, Girl’s Day shared stories about how they act when they are drunk. Hyeri started off by explaining just how bad Minah is at holding her liquor. According to Hyeri, when the group had a night out drinking last summer, Minah was completely drunk.

Yura then revealed Minah’s habit.

“That night, Minah was totally drunk. That was the first time I saw her that drunk. She kept on saying ‘I won’t get on the boat’ and ‘I can’t get on the banana boat.'”

— Yura (Girl’s Day)

Minah tried to explain why she continued talking about a boat.

“I thought I was on a boat because I was so dizzy. Next thing I know, I was laying in bed.”

— Minah (Girl’s Day)

Sojin also talked about how she is not very good at drinking yet there was a time where she felt like dying from all the alcohol she consumed. She told Minah that once she broke through that barrier, it became much easier to drink. Sojin then shared her story of drinking more alcohol to try and cure her hangover, and it miraculously worked.

Hyeri’s story simply involved sadness. She was already feeling sad one day so she started to drink. At 5 am, she called her manager while crying.

Finally, Yura talked about her habit, calling hers the worst out of the members. Only one of her habits could be revealed, as the production team added in a caption saying her second habit was too dirty for broadcast.

“Mine is really the worst, I hate it. When I get drunk, I try not to harm anyone else, so I end up throwing up in the car or on the ground. But with Hyeri and her friend, the 3 of us just drink and move on…”

— Yura (Girl’s Day)

Source: Sports Donga