Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Impresses BLACKPINK’s Rosé With How Much She Can Eat In One Bite

“You think I can’t do it, right?”

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is a master of eating huge mouthfuls. As her best friend, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé should be the first to see that side of her, especially since they often meet to eat.


In a clip from one of their outings, Rosé was caught entirely off guard by Hyeri’s skill.

While they were both seated at a restaurant, Hyeri began to pile food onto her spoon. It was so much that Rosé voiced her concern. That’s when Hyeri questioned if Rosé thought she couldn’t eat it all in one bite.

Even that? Really? What? I think it’s going to fall.

Hyeri wasn’t backing down from the challenge. She knew she could accomplish it and even asked Rosé to add more food on top of her spoon.

Put the rest on top for me.

Like a total badass, Hyeri stuffed all of the food into her mouth. Although she struggled just a bit afterward, she safely finished it all.

Rosé was so shook by her best friend that she couldn’t hold back her praise. She even complimented Hyeri on her “little face” as well as her eating skills.

I can’t believe it. How does that little… All of that goes in that little face?

Even though they’re super close, they can always learn something new about each other. See Hyeri surprise Rosé by beating the one-bite challenge.