Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Reveals The 3 Junior Girl Groups She Loves Watching The Most

Her picks are 🔥

Although many netizens know Hyeri as an actor in shows such as Reply 1988My Roommate Is a Gumiho, and many more, she started as a member of Girl’s Day. Debuting in 2010, the group gained attention from fans for their talent, visuals, and personalities.

Hyeri with the other members of Girl’s Day | @ssozi_sojin/ Instagram

It seems as if there has been a recent wave of new girl groups in the fourth generation of K-Pop that fans have fallen in love with, and it seems like they’re not the only ones!

Hyeri recently appeared in a video for COSMPOLITON Korea, where she answered questions about her career, friendship with BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, and much more. In particular, they asked Hyeri which K-Pop idol’s performances she liked the most.

Although Hyeri struggled to answer at first, she specifically pointed to STAYC, OH MY GIRL, and aespa!

There are so many nowadays, so I can’t choose one! I think aespa and STAYC are great, and I like OH MY GIRL too. And everyone is so beautiful, cute, and talented. I’m a fan of all the groups.

— Hyeri

Hyeri is a regular guest on the variety show Amazing Saturday. She explained that it was because of this show that she had a chance to look at aespa and STAYC after SHINee‘s Key performed unique covers of both group’s songs in recent episodes.

SHINee’s Key dancing to aespa’s “Next Level” | Amazing Saturday/ YouTube 

Hyeri added that it was because of the other hosts on the show that she was able to listen to the groups and learn their songs!

The Amazing Saturday fam was like, ‘The later K-Pop generation are doing so well. And don’t you think we should pay attention to them? There are these groups nowadays!’ They were like that so that I could study new groups.

— Hyeri

She isn’t the only idol who has praised STAYC, and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon even had them as a group that has caught her eye. Similarly, with aespa and OH MY GIRL, these groups have caught the attention of fans and idols worldwide since debuting!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Cosmopolitan Korea and FI (1) and (2)