Girls’ Day’s Hyeri Reveals Which Character She’s Played That Is The Most Like Her

Which iconic role did she pick?

Although debuting in Girls’ Day, Hyeri has been known for her illustrious acting career. She has played some of the fan’s favorite characters in some hugely popular K-Dramas and movies. From Reply 1988 to the recent My Roommate Is a Gumiho, Hyeri has continued to steal the screen with her playful personality and amazing acting skills.

Lee Hyeri playing Deok Sun in Reply 1988

Yet, with so many notable roles over the years, it must be obvious that Hyeri has had some characters that she’s had a special connection to. Hyeri recently sat down with ESQUIRE Korea and answered questions about her latest drama, what movies she’s loving and much more.

In particular, Hyeri was asked, out of all the characters she’s played over the years, which one she thought she resembled the most.

As expected, Hyeri thought that each of her characters had some parts of them that resembled her real personality. Yet, surprisingly, rather than choosing some of her more known roles, she picked Min Ji from the film My Punch-Drunk Boxer.

But personally, and people around me as well told me that Min Ji from the movie My Punch-Drunk Boxer is really like me in real life.

— Hyeri

In the film, Hyeri plays Min Ji, the newest member of the gym attended by lead character Byung Gu (Eom Tae Goo). Her character is warm and encouraging and, despite Byung Gu’s troubled past, she allows him to open up both in confidence and emotionally.

Tae Goo and Lee Hyeri in My Punch-Drunk Boxer | @Netflix/ Twitter

It wasn’t just Hyeri and those around her who saw this resemblance to the character. She added that it was also those who watched the movie and even the film’s director.

People who saw that movie all said that the character is really like me. And, even during the shooting, the director said, ‘I want you to reflect your personality a lot into this character.

— Hyeri

Because of all of these reasons, Hyeri added that she became very attached to the character. By putting so much of her heart and soul into Min Ji, it is not surprising that she felt parts of herself being channeled into the character.

Even though Hyeri picked this character, there is no denying that fans love all of her roles and can see her bright and warm personality radiating in each! You can watch the whole video below.


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