Girl’s Day Hyeri Burst into Tears Because of SHINee Key’s Departure for the Military

We’ll miss you too, Key.

On the most recent episode of tvN’s Amazing Saturday, SHINee‘s Key appeared on the show for the last time before his departure for the military.

On the show, Key did a good job guessing the song lyrics of given songs as usual, which led to him and his members enjoying a pork rib feast as a reward.

In the middle of their delicious feast, host Shin Dong Yup announced, “Today’s Key’s last broadcast.

And as soon as Shin Dong Yup said this, Hyeri immediately put down her food and burst into tears.

She ultimately had to leave the table and hide in a corner where she continued to cry in response to the farewell news of her costar, Key.

When the other members and Key saw Hyeri wiping her tears with a fistful of tissues, they consoled her and told her to stop crying.

Once Hyeri stopped crying, she joined the other members in a cover dance of SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong” to send Key off with smiles on their faces.

Check out the heartwarming footage of Key’s farewell episode below:

Source: Insight