Girl’s Day Minah Revealed How Honest Male Idols Are When Confessing Their Feelings

Whenever they find a female idol they like, they’re not shy about it.

During Girl’s Day‘s past appearance on Life Bar, they spilled tea about the different ways that idols flirt with each other.

In the process, Minah revealed just how resourceful and eager male idols are in pursuing the female idols they’re interested in.

After Hyeri pointed out how idols use staff to send their messages, Minah revealed the way she’d personally received messages herself. She admitted, “Sometimes I get phone calls from random guys.” While that doesn’t seem like too big of a deal, there was one problem.

Minah hadn’t personally given out her phone number to any of them, “I don’t know how they got my number.” She then shared what these male idols say when they contact her, typically following the same script.

Male idols aren’t shy about revealing their identity, mentioning it like it was any other phone call. She explained that they also don’t shy away from the reason they’re calling, “They go, ‘My name is so-and-so, and I’m calling you because… I like you.'”

While many would think they’d be shyer about pursuing another idol for a romantic relationship, knowing what could happen if it were revealed, they’re just like ordinary people. They’re not afraid to be honest about their feelings and go after what they want, “They’re very straightforward.”

Since it’s hard for idols to speak up about the mere thought of wanting a romantic relationship, it was positive to see the members of Girl’s Day freely opening up about their experiences and spilling the tea.

Watch Minah share her experiences with how straightforward male idols can be when pursuing female idols here.

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