Girls Day Minah reveals she’s considering cosmetic surgery

Everyone may think Girl’s Day Minah looks gorgeous, but she’s actually considered getting cosmetic surgery many times!

During Please Take Care Of My Vanity, Minah revealed that she’s always thought there was something missing in her visuals.

When Lee Teuk asked if she ever thought about getting surgery, she said yes!

Lee Teuk: “Have you ever thought about getting surgery?”

Minah: “Many times!”

But thankfully, she’s never gone through with her plans to get cosmetic surgery.

“But I always only consider doing it…”

— Minah

A beautician panel explained what was on everyone’s mind.

“Even if you don’t have double eyelids, your eyes pop with just the right amount of makeup.

You don’t have unflattering eyes.

A lot of people want your kind of eyes.”

— Woo Hyun Jeung

And she couldn’t have said it better. Minah doesn’t need surgery!

She’s gorgeous in her 100% natural self!

Source: xportsnews