Girls’ Day Spills The Tea On Idols “Secret” Flirting Behavior

Idols go to great lengths just to date.

Girls’ Day revealed one of the things they are able to easily notice after being in the industry for over 8 years. They share some ways or behaviors that idols do when they try flirting with other idols.

They also reveal how easy it is for idols to communicate and share messages with each other. With basically every idol having managers and stylists, it’s easy for these people to be the ones that exchange messages with each other, then relay that information to their respective idol. This allows the idol to be less likely to get caught interacting and is an interesting way for messages to be shared.

They also share how easy it is to obtain other idols’ phone numbers. That idols sometimes obtain phone numbers and bluntly confess their feelings. It’s kind of shocking that a lot of idols aren’t afraid to let their feelings be known and are very straightforward with how they feel.

Girl's Day