Girl’s Day Yura has the best reactions to the things she experiences as an idol

These four GIFs perfectly capture the times Girl’s Day Yura‘s candid reactions endeared her to her many fans.

Idols are known for their showmanship and fanservice, so when the true and honest reactions shine through, it’s something really special. This collection of some of Yura’s most honest, candid reactions provide a glimpse at the true and loveable Yura.

Check out these 4 times Yura’s honest reactions caught everyone’s attention:

That time Yura worked her shock into the choreography

In this unfortunate incident, Minah fell after losing her balance while performing with Girl’s Day. Yura, who was the first member to see the fall, reacted instinctively as she tried to reach out for her follow member. Note how she continues with their choreography while reacting to Mina’s fall. A true professional!

That time Yura could barely contain her ecstacy

Upon tasting the delicious food that had been made, Yura couldn’t help but praise the chef with a jokingly unimpressed and serious reaction. Yura was praised for her honest reaction in this television appearance.

That time Yura was so excited she ran into a wall

Another moment on Weekly Idol, however, captured Yura at her most candid. Her explosive reaction on the program left her running into the white wall of the set. Girl’s Day, attuned to her clumsiness, barely batted an eye and laughed heartily at the incident.

That time Yura casually shuffled out of harm’s way

Last but not the least, Yura was able to handle her fear of pyrotechnics in this performance. Scared as she is, she cautiously tweaked her pose on stage and slowly moved away. Eager fans may not have noticed this at first glance!


At present, Yura is busy promoting “I’ll Be Yours” with Girl’s Day. Here’s to more candid moments yet to be captured!

Source: Dispatch