6 Photos of Girl’s Day Yura In A Tight Black Outfit That Will Blow Your Mind

These photos of Girl’s Day Yura‘s revealing black outfit have everyone saying “wow”.

Girl’s Day’s Yura has always been known for her gorgeous figure, but these photos that have resurfaced from the group’s Nexon Legion of Heroes Concert have been catching everyone’s attention. Yura’s striped crop top and high-waisted shorts highlighted her toned stomach and perfect s-line figure.

Take a look at these photos of Yura’s sexy outfit below:

Yura is #bodygoals.

With her gorgeous visuals, stunning body, unbeatable confidence, and impressive talent, Yura’s got the full package!

Yura’s outfit hugs her body to show off her hard-earned figure.

Yura looks incredible from every angle.

No wonder Yura has insurance on her legs!

Slaying with her S-line figure.

Need more Yura? Check out this fancam of the performance: