Girl’s Day Yura’s steamy deep kiss scene is the new craze among Korean men

A gif featuring Girl’s Day Yura and actor Ahn Bo Hyun is currently taking male dominant communities of Korea by storm. The gif in question displays an unbelievably passionate kiss scene between Yura and Ahn Bo Hyun and the voice of jealousy among Korean men are growing every day.

On an episode of “After The Play Ends” aired in July, Yura and Ahn Bo Hyun were shown filming a kiss scene for the drama portion of the show. The episode has since then been turned into 3 sets of gifs that are driving the men of Korea insane.

This was their first attempt at a “passionate kiss scene” but the director thought it seemed a bit weak

Before their second try, the director told the two that the other couple in the drama did much better

Thus was born this amazingly passionate kiss scene…

Source: Vingle