Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Reveals The True Reason Why She Eats Food In One Bite

It wasn’t about gaining attention.

Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri is known for the massive amount of food she can eat, particularly in one single bite. Because of that, she’s made various appearances on shows where she can demonstrate her skills live.

Since it could be viewed as something that’s done simply for attention (like Hanhae‘s reaction above), Hyeri set the record straight by revealing the actual reason behind it during one of her vlogs to the hair salon.

After finishing up her meal, Hyeri pointed out her habit of eating food in such huge mouthfuls. Mimicking the movement, she asked viewers, “Do you know why I do that?” She jumped right into answering her own question.

The reason was more straightforward than you’d think. It wasn’t specifically about the food at all. With her palm held in front of her, she stated, “I hate holding things.” It was her way of solving the problem.

To avoid having her hand filled with weight, even something as delicious as food, Hyeri came up with a logical yet hasty solution: “So, I just eat it in one bite and quickly get it out of my hand.”

She even addressed how some people do it because the food is tasty and people are watching. Hyeri wasn’t focused on that, “I am eating like that on purpose. It’s not those things… I just naturally eat like that.”

Hyeri isn’t devouring her food in one bite just to please those who are watching; she’s focused on doing what’s best for her. Everyone has a specific way of doing things. This is her way.

Watch Hyeri take the time to soothe fans’ worries and reveal the truth behind the quirky habit here.

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