Girl’s Day’s Sojin confidently shares before and after makeup photos

Many people are shy about posting photos of their bare faces, but one female idol shared with the world her before and after makeup photos.

Girl’s Day‘s Sojin uploaded pictures of her transformation on Instagram. In her before photo, she looks like your average person running errands in their favorite comfortable sweater. While she may not be completely sans makeup, her plain face is still eye-catching.

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With the help of cosmetics, she upgrades her image and now gives off a slight Marilyn Monroe feeling, with her short curled hair and white dress. Her eyebrows are darker and more filled, which stands out against her skin. The eyeliner is not bold as it still looks relatively natural and her peachy lipstick provides some needed bright color to her appearance.

She seems rather fond of this look since she uploaded an additional photo, this time from a different angle. This look was definitely not achieved in a short amount of time, as seen from the numerous materials/tools laying on the table!

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Despite the glamorous look she showed off, Sojin chose the plain/before makeup photo as her profile picture; sometimes the simpler things are nicer and more endearing in our eyes.

Source: Instagram