Girls Day’s Yura Says She Hates This Part Of Her Body

In a recent interview and photoshoot, Girl’s Day’s Yura shared all the insecurities she has about her body.5

Image Source: BNTt News

She follows a strict diet regimen and weighs herself every day on the orders of her agency.

Yura and all the members of Girls’ Day have been so successful with their diets due to cutting down on carb consumption.

While Yura isn’t required to follow a strict diet anymore, she still has insecurities about her body.

“My body isn’t perfect. It has a lot of flaws. My hip is high so it makes my legs look long, but at the same time, my waist is short so it looks like I don’t have curves. I also have a lot of fat on my arms.”

— Girl’s Day’s Yura

It’s hard to imagine someone as beautiful as Yura having insecurities, but it shows you the K-Pop industry still needs to become better at taking care of these young idols.