Girls’ Generation and MAMAMOO’s adorable interaction in the elevator

An unexpected friendly interaction and love confession between two girl groups was shown on camera to the delight of many fans.

At the time, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon was promoting for her debut single, “Mystery,” and MAMAMOO was promoting “Décalcomanie.” The girls of MAMAMOO unexpectedly appeared on Hyoyeon’s new show titled HY1000like, where she broadcasts and vlogs snippets from her everyday life. 

Yoona went to support Hyoyeon’s broadcast for the song, and also helped Hyoyeon film for her show. As Yoona and Hyoyeon entered the elevator, they noticed that MAMAMOO was on the same elevator.

The members of the two girl groups greeted each other and MAMAMOO introduced themselves to Hyoyeon’s viewers. Fans were happiest to hear Yoona confess that she’s a MAMAMOO fan, and Solar confessed that they’re fans of SNSD. Solar even sang and danced to the chorus part of Hyoyeon’s song “Mystery.”

After the two girl groups got off the elevator, they cheered each other on. Yoona even decided to pull a little prank on Hyoyeon by leaving with MAMAMOO instead of Hyoyeon at the end of the video.

Check out the clip of their backstage interaction!