Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Had A Clever Response When Answering That She Knew BLACKPINK

BLINKs and SONEs are laughing together.

During a live broadcast, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon read a question asking, “Do you know BLACKPINK?”


From one famous girl group to another, there was no way she wouldn’t know about them. Because of that, she decided to have some fun with how she answered.

At first, Hyoyeon responded normally: “Of course.” What she did next had fans of both groups laughing at her wit.

She held up a plum that she’d been ready to eat and said, “Black.”

After spending some time looking around, she pointed to her lips and said, “Pink.”

Reading comments about other groups during a live broadcast could be a bit bothersome for some idols, but she flipped it into something totally hilarious. See Hyoyeon have fun with the question here.