Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Reacts And Comments On Their Famous “Party” Rehersal

It’s an iconic video everyone should see!

Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon recently sat down and searched her name during a new “IDDP” video for 1theK!

From finding content from her trainee days to her current successful career, Hyoyeon commented on several interesting topics. One intriguing topic Hyoyeon stumbled upon was their group’s legendary “Party” rehearsal.

Hyoyeon shared that one of the members actually shared the video in their group chat and revealed that they watch it often.

One of the comments Hyoyeon read pointed out how the members all dance nonchalantly yet they still hit all the main points. In other words, it can be called a “my way” kind of dance.

Other commenters on the viral YouTube commented, “How you dress for taking a walk. Full of coins in the hoodie pocket.” To defend their comfy style and casual dancing, Hyoyeon explained how the members had just returned from a flight.

I think we had just gotten back on a flight. So, the members were a little tired. They had no makeup on and were wearing sunglasses. But it really does look like we’re about to take a walk around town.

—  Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon also commented on a funny moment where Yuri, instead of drinking a glass of soju like the dance move suggests, throws the soju out before taking a sip.

Yuri wouldn’t throw out soju but why did she do that here? She makes sure she gets a good amount of it.

—  Hyoyeon

Check out the video below:

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