Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Couldn’t Stop Praising Her SM Entertainment Juniors, And It Has Us Soft

We stan a supportive senior!

Girls’ Generation debuted back in 2007 and, throughout the years, they have become veterans in the industry and idols that many upcoming artists look up to! Yet, despite being seniors in K-Pop, the group members are always supporting and praising their juniors both in the industry and from their company SM Entertainment.

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon | @hyoyeon_x_x/ Instagram

Member Hyoyeon recently released her latest single, “Second,” and while promoting the song, she has also been using her time to praise and showcase the talents of her junior artists! 

In a recent video for 1theK, Hyoyeon discussed some of the main dancers associated with SM Entertainment, including EXO, SHINee, Red Velvet, and many more!

Yet, unsurprisingly, Hyoyeon had some particularly positive words for EXO member Kai. She explained how much he had impressed her from the minute she first watched.

Kai really impressed me. Maybe it’s because I trained with older male dancers, but I get really competitive. I get this strange confidence that, even if I dance with them, I won’t look too bad.

— Hyoyeon

Yet, despite feeling this, she did not have the same feeling with Kai and couldn’t compare him to other male dancers she had been worked with! She added, “But Kai just put me in shock!”

It isn’t the first time Hyoyeon has shared her love for Kai. She even recently revealed that he was one of the idols that she thought were the best dancers!

If that wasn’t enough, the video showed the different members of the group, including herself, Yoona, and Taeyeon, performing fellow SM group aespa‘s “Black Mamba.”

In particular, although she slayed the dance, Hyoyeon explained how she thought she danced the choreography weird, adding, “I should’ve done better!

Later on, Hyoyeon discussed some of Girls’ Generation’s old songs, and the producer explained that he thought it sounded like “Next Level.” Hyoyeon couldn’t stop praising the song and even showed a new version of the iconic dance move as soon as that was said. She

I personally love ‘Next Level.’ It is also composed of many dynamic parts. I wish we could do that. I think I could convince the members to perform it together.

— Hyoyeon

Straight after the video was posted, fans of both groups were even more excited after Hyoyeon posted a video with Winter and Karina doing the “Second” TikTok challenge! In particular, fans couldn’t stop fangirling at the caption, which read, “Our company’s future is not S.Papa, it’s aespa.

There is no denying that Hyoyeon is the ideal senior artist, and the way she praises her juniors is enough to make any K-Pop fan soft! You can watch the whole video below!

Source: 1theK