Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon And Yuri Reveal Why They Were Often Scolded As Trainees

Yuri was embarrassed remembering it.

Having spent over fourteen years together, Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon and Yuri recently recalled their memories on Yuri’s Winning Recipe to reveal how they originally bonded as trainees.

Hyoyeon and Yuri. | @yulyulk/Instagram

Since Yuri revealed they had an evaluation every month, nearly every week, Hyoyeon gave a glimpse into how the evaluations went.

Hyoyeon set the stage by saying, “Where all the boy and girl trainees are, we had to dance and sing with a camera in front.

While Yuri laughed, Hyoyeon explained why the two always got into a bit of trouble during those evaluations. She said, “The reason for getting scolded was we both sucked at memorizing the lyrics.

Yuri was so embarrassed remembering those childhood scoldings that she burst into laughter and hid her face.

Hyoyeon shined a light on how discouraging it felt. She said, “As if we became fish, the more they scolded us, the more our mental broke.

On the positive side, she didn’t go through it alone. Hyoyeon confirmed it contributed to the “friendly” vibe between her and Yuri, bringing them closer.

Watch Yuri and Hyoyeon laugh about their past struggles and how they brought them closer.

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