Girl’s Generation Might Not All Be In SM Entertainment But They’re Still The Best Of Friends

The members of Girls’ Generation are living proof of their unchanging friendship. 

Some of the members may have left their agency but it seems like their friendship remained.  

Seohyun gave fans that opportunity as she chatted with fans through Instagram Live while in Los Angeles, United States. 

The reason for sudden online broadcast was the fact that she met with Tiffany and revealed, “Tiffany and were both really busy and decided to meet tomorrow.” 

The two were eventually spotted out on a date in Disneyland which was a great delight to see for their fans. 

During the broadcast, she also revealed that, “When I return to Korea, I get to be Taeyeon’s guest at her concert” and seems like both are working hard in preparing for it.


It’s not only Seohyun’s update that caught attention though as other members were last seen reunited for an event including Hyoyeon’s birthday.  

All documented on their respective SNS accounts! 

Aren’t they sweet?

Source: Dispatch