Girls’ Generation Once Went Grocery Shopping Together…And It Became A Complete Disaster

Tiffany is like the child, while Sunny’s the mother.

The members of Girls’ Generation sure know how to have a great time, even when it’s doing something as simple as grocery shopping. It turns out that grocery shopping for multiple people can be quite chaotic. It begins with Tiffany excitedly bringing some grapes.

Yuri acts like the mother in this situation and is quick to let the members know of their current situation.

This doesn’t stop Tiffany as she runs to look for food again.

Sunny eventually stops Tiffany, and it looks like a mother trying to control her child.

This doesn’t stop Tiffany, as she tries to sneakily buy some more food.

Despite getting turned down, Tiffany still tries to sneak in her food when at the register.

Sunny is quick to catch on and lets Tiffany know that her attempt wasn’t a successful one.

Some of the other members attempt to buy some alcohol but choose to blame Seohyun.

The members end up spending a bit too much money, so the alcohol has to get scrapped from their list.

In the end, Tiffany got to buy all the food she wanted.

Here is the full video below!

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