Girls’ Generation’s Personalities Can Be Seen By How They Tag Each Other On Instagram

They’re all so different!

Recently, all eight members of Girls’ Generation gathered together to celebrate Tiffany’s birthday and the group’s 13th debut anniversary! The members all dressed up with a black dress and red lip dress code and left heartfelt messages to SONEs through their social media accounts.

| @tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

An online community board posted about the way each of the members’ tagged each other on their Instagram accounts, revealing the different personalities of each member. Let’s take a look at how each member decided to tag their fellow group mates!


Tiffany tagged everyone on the outside portion of the photo so as not to cover the other members’ faces.


Taeyeon neatly lined up all the tags and made sure not to cover anyone’s face as well.


Seohyun tagged everyone on the outside portion of the photo so that all the members could be seen in the middle.


Sooyoung divided the photo in half and tagged everyone on the left and right sides of the photo.


Sunny didn’t even bother to tag the members because let’s be honest, we all know who these girls are!


Hyoyeon just went for it and tagged everyone in a jumble, covering some of their faces.


Yuri had no specific method for tagging the members either and just tagged everyone anywhere on the photo.


Yoona neatly organized the tags on the top and bottom portions of the photos so that everyone could be seen clearly.

Fans who saw this post couldn’t help but laugh at how different all the girls were in tagging each other!


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