The Reason Why Girls’ Generation Got Emotional Over Kimbap Will Have You Crying Along With Them

Nothing is more nostalgic than food.

On Girls’ Generation‘s variety show, So Shi Tam Tam, the girls took a trip down memory lane as they completed missions to determine the best roommate. For their second mission, Yoona joked and wondered if it would be something like guessing their dorm aunt’s kimbap, but to everyone’s surprise, she was spot on.


As soon as they read their dorm aunt’s letter, the members couldn’t help but tear up. Their dorm aunt has been taking care of them since their pre-debut days, so she’s been by their side for 17 years.

The girls had to guess which kimbap was made by their dorm aunt among three choices to complete their mission.

While they would give their final answer after they tasted the kimbap, Girls’ Generation were confident that they knew which kimbap was their dorm aunt’s just by looking. Everyone except Hyoyeon and Seohyun guessed number 2.

Before diving in, the girls reminisced the memories they had with their dorm aunt. Whether it was the kimbap she often made in the morning or the radish wrap with chicken breast she made when they were dieting, the warm love she had for them overflowed through her food.

The members didn’t hesitate to agree that she was their second mom, someone they could come home to for rest after a hectic day.

If anyone ever ate alone at the table, their dorm aunt would sit beside them and talk with them, comforting them with her steadfast presence.

As soon as the girls tried the kimbap, everyone unanimously agreed that the 2nd container of kimbap was their dorm aunt’s. Besides just nostalgia, the girls had four solid pieces of evidence: the rice was seasoned differently, she used sesame oil, she added spam, and she didn’t put sesame leaves because Sooyoung doesn’t like them.

Of course, the girls were correct, and though they were impressed by their ability to remember their dorm aunt’s kimbap just by looking, they couldn’t help but miss her more. Only Hyoyeon, Taeyeon, and Yuri still live in the dorm, so feelings of longing became stronger since it’s been a while since most of them had seen her.

Their dorm aunt has been with them since their middle school days, so she’s been with the girls for over half their lives.

Naturally, she became someone they confided in and loved like another parent, so the girls could confidently say that their dorm aunt was Girls’ Generation’s mom.

Food often carries nostalgia, and for Girls’ Generation, their dorm aunt’s kimbap brought back many memories and emotions they’ll never forget.

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