“I Wasn’t Happy At All” — The Heartbreaking Reason Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Was Sad To Finally Debut

She couldn’t stop crying.

After years of intense training and strict evaluations, any trainee would be excited to finally debut. That wasn’t the case for one of K-Pop’s most successful idols.

Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun shared the heartbreaking reason she was sad after discovering she was part of the debut lineup.


Surprising the cast of The Manager, Seohyun revealed her unusual reaction to finding out she would be a Girls’ Generation member. She’d cried endless tears of sadness.

When I heard only I got picked as a member, I wasn’t happy at all. I just felt so bad, and I kept crying nonstop.

— Seohyun

Years later, Seohyun still felt those emotions strongly and shed tears remembering the moment. She explained why she’d been so upset.

Seohyun had spent most of her trainee years with Hwan Hee (nicknamed Vanilla), who wasn’t chosen to debut. She felt guilty for debuting without her best friend.

Seohyun was so sad by the news that she couldn’t face Hwan Hee and didn’t talk to her for days. Despite experiencing such a major setback, Hwan Hee continued to be a supportive friend and reached out to Seohyun.

So I couldn’t reach out to her. I felt so bad. But she reached out to congratulate me.

— Seohyun

Although both of them became emotional remembering the past, Seohyun and Hwan Hee moved on from it and remained best friends. They were thankful for each other.

In fact, Hwan Hee was proud to see Seohyun living her life to the fullest.

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