Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun Revealed How Tiffany Helped Her With Her English BTS Introduction

Her introduction was so impressive!

Girls’ Generation‘s maknae Seohyun went live through her Instagram on December 24.

In the spirit of Christmas, Seohyun started off by pointing attention toward a red ribbon on her head: “I put a red ribbon on my head for you. I am your Christmas present.

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During a moment in her Instagram live, Seohyun mentioned her BTS introduction at The Fact Music Awards. Many viewers commented that Seohyun’s English was very impressive and praiseworthy.

Of course, for those who watched the award show, Seohyun gave an incredibly impressive introduction of BTS all in English. Though there were many great performances and artists at the show, Seohyun managed to steal the spotlight with her introduction.

Seohyun then opened up and shared the secret to her grand English speech was actually fellow member Tiffany:

It was originally a different introduction, but I wanted to do it naturally, so I asked Tiffany to help. I wrote a separate script and memorized it the day before.

— Seohyun

Fans were excited to hear that the members of Girls’ Generation are still in touch and supportive of one another!

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Clearly, Seohyun works hard at everything she does as she went out of her way to write a better and more natural speech than the original.

Seohyun then shared that seeing all the amazing artist made her miss being on stage and seeing her fellow Girls’ Generation members:

After seeing so many wonderful and cool singers after a long time, I also wanted to stand on stage and I wanted to see my sisters. I also saw Super Junior after a long time, and I was grateful for the welcome.

— Seohyun

Fans are always shocked and blown away by Seohyun and her hard work. They can not wait for her to keep impressing them in her future projects.

Check out Seohyun’s introduction and Instagram live below:

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