Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Revealed Her New Birthday Tradition With Tiffany

Hyoyeon even joined the two for a mini-reunion.

In a vlog documenting Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung‘s birthday, she gave fans a glimpse into how she celebrates her special day, including a new tradition that she and Tiffany Young recently started.

Sooyoung and Tiffany. | tiffanyyoungofficial/Instagram

While seated in a restaurant, Sooyoung shared that the outing was Tiffany’s treat. She said, “Our Ms. T, she said she would buy me BBQ ribs.

That’s when Tiffany pointed out it wasn’t uncommon for the two and said, “I think since last year, it became our own tradition.

Sooyoung revealed they had celebrated the same way the previous year. She confirmed, “On my birthday last year, she brought me marinated ribs too.” It was only part of the new tradition, though.

Sooyoung added, “So eating marinated ribs and cutting cake together has become a tradition every year.

Despite Girls’ Generation not currently promoting as a group, they’re still coming up with fresh ways to stay close.

| sooyoungchoi/Instagram

Hyoyeon even joined Sooyoung and Tiffany for the tasty meal of marinated ribs and crabs.

Check out the mini-reunion for Sooyoung’s small birthday celebration.

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