Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Didn’t Think Taeyeon & Tiffany Would Debut In The Group—Here’s Why

But now we can’t imagine Girls’ Generation without them!

Girls’ Generation has always had the perfect lineup, but originally, there were two members Sooyoung didn’t expect to debut with: Taeyeon and Tiffany. She explained why in a new episode of “TheSOOTORY” on YouTube.

After training for three years, Taeyeon debuted as the leader and co-main vocalist of Girls’ Generation. Now, it’s impossible to imagine the group’s songs without her luscious vocals. However, there was a time when Sooyoung didn’t think Taeyeon would debut in a group with her.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon | SM Entertainment

In fact, Sooyoung didn’t expect Taeyeon to debut in a group at all. “To be honest,” she revealed, “I thought Taeyeon would debut as a solo artist.” Taeyeon was awarded the Best Singer 1st Place Grand Award when she was cast through SM Entertainment’s 8th Annual Best Contest, so it should come as no surprise that her vocals have always been out of this world.

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon pre-debut.

Taeyeon’s singing was so good that Sooyoung could see her holding her own as a soloist. She went on to say that with Taeyeon’s vocals being as impressive as they are, she never thought of trying to become Girls’ Generation’s main vocalist herself.

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung | the sootory 더수토리/YouTube

Meanwhile, Tiffany debuted as one of the group’s lead vocalists and sub rappers, and Sooyoung had a completely different reason for not expecting her to debut in Girls’ generation.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany | SM Entertainment

I never thought I’d be in the same group as Tiffany,” said Sooyoung, “[because] she joined us very late.” Out of all the Girls’ Generation members, Tiffany had the shortest training period: three years and seven months. Comparatively, Sooyoung trained for six years and three months, while both Jessica and Yoona trained for over seven years each.

Girls’ Generation Tiffany pre-debut.

As such, it seems that Sooyoung expected Tiffany to debut in a group after her. Had that been the case, she could have been a member of f(x) instead.

| the sootory 더수토리/YouTube

But there’s no denying that every member of Girls’ Generation was a perfect choice!

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