Girls’ Generation Sooyoung Reveals A Day In Her Life…And It’s Extremely Relatable

Waking up late, laying down for hours, and late night food.

Girls’ Generation Sooyoung has never been shy to show her personality on camera. This can be seen when she shows her more humorous side on broadcasts for example.

On a YouTube channel named Dingo K-Drama, Sooyoung revealed a day in her life and it was extremely relatable. She begins by waking up relatively late and finding it hard to get up.

After waking up, the first thing she checks is her phone and the time to see how late it is.

Sooyoung’s next part of her day is to attempt to cook food, but with mixed results.

Sooyoung eventually just gives up on trying to make the food taste good and just wants it to be edible.

She’s eventually saved by her mother and her job as the main chef ends there.

Sooyoung then spends several hours just playing with her dogs and lying down the couch eating food and watching shows.

The next part of her day is going out and having a good time with her longtime friends.

It’s then nighttime and Sooyoung has a call with her boyfriend Jung Kyung Ho.

Sooyoung concludes the night by having some late-night ramen and questioning her decisions of eating that late.

Watch the full video below!

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