Girls’ Generation Sunny bought a 2.6 Million Dollar Condo, Here’s What It Looks Like

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny opened the doors to her new luxurious single pad on a TV broadcast.

On the November 09 broadcast of E Channel’s Life Exchange Reality, Actress Ha Jae Sook visited the Sunny’s home as she swapped her home with Sunny.

Sunny’s single apartment home, said to be worth 2.7 billion KRW ($2.4 million USD), features a luxurious interior design and a clear view of the Han River.

Upon entering the complex, Ha Jae Sook was unable to open the door to the apartment, due to its high-end sophisticated security unlocking system.

Sunny’s everyday life was revealed on the show, showing her relaxing freely at home, enjoying her billion dollar view from her apartment.

She confessed that she frequently enjoys a pint of beer at home, watching the sunset from her windows, from time to time.

Yoona also made a cameo appearance as Sunny called Yoona via video chat, asking her to visit her at the apartment.

Watch the full clips around Sunny’s house below:


Source: Nate