Girls’ Generation’s Sunny Has Never Referred To Lee Soo Man As Uncle Before

It’s strictly business!

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny directly mentioned Lee Soo Man, who is her uncle and also head of SM Entertainment. The group, who made a comeback for their 15th debut anniversary, made an appearance on JTBC’s Knowing Bros.

During the show, while revealing when they don’t like one another, Sooyoung chose Sunny because, “it seems like no matter what I say she doesn’t seem bothered by it at all”.

After hearing that, Kim Heechul replied, “But her uncle is…”, in which Sooyoung assured was not the reason as to why.

Sooyoung continued, “She maintains her composure and keeps a smile on her face no matter what we say”.

To this, Sunny added, “I’ve never called teaser Lee Soo Man ‘uncle’ before”. When asked why, she stated, “I had little to no interaction with my uncle when I was young”.

On the other hand, Girls’ Generation has released their seventh full-length album, FOREVER 1, and topped various music charts around the world.

Source: insight

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