Girls’ Generation Were Surprised By Tributes From STAYC, IVE, And Other K-Pop Stars

The members couldn’t hold back their tears.

Girls’ Generation planned many different activities to commemorate their 15th-anniversary comeback. Among these was starring in their variety series called Soshi Tamtam. The show focuses on the group’s dynamics and preparations to return after 5 years of not releasing any music as a whole group.

Girls’ Generation members on the poster for their series Soshi Tamtam | @GirlsGeneration/Twitter

In the series’ finale episode, the members were surprised by their staff with a tribute video that included a look back at the group’s illustrious career.


The girls were reminded of how they were constantly breaking records and making history with signature songs like “Into The New World” and “Gee.” These accomplishments were made even more special since they were said by K-Pop legend Kim Eana, who is known for writing hit lyrics for artists like IUSHINee, and MAMAMOO.

K-Pop lyricist Kim Eana

Lim Jin Mo, a music critic for over 30 years, commented that their true impact was making K-Pop music accessible for all ages worldwide.

Music critic Lim Jin Mo

The words from these two industry titans were enough to make Girls’ Generation emotional, but the surprises were far from over! Young groups like STAYC and IVE also made appearances to talk about how they grew up watching the Girls’ Generation, proving their influence is still felt by idols today.

STAYC members talking about Girls’ Generation’s influence on them

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny (left) and Yoona (right) watching the IVE members talking about Girls’ Generation’s effect on them

Many other Korean entertainers and singers also congratulated the girls, making their impact impossible to measure fully.

Finally, the video ended with a tribute to all Girls’ Generation fans, whom they nicknamed SONE. Their name translates to “wish” in Korean and originates from the group’s hit song “Tell Me Your Wish,” also known as “Genie.” The name could also be read as “so one,” implying that Girls’ Generation will always be one with their fans.

This was the last straw for many of the members, who proceeded to burst into tears.

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany (left) and Yuri (right)

Indeed a fitting tribute to one of K-Pop’s most renowned girl groups. They can rest assured that no matter how long it takes for them to return, SONEs will welcome them with open arms.

Watch the full video below.