Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Steals The Spotlight With Her Eye-Catching Beard

And she still looks so gorgeous…

tvN‘s Amazing Saturday’s official Instagram posted a photo of Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon that had fans howling.

The caption can be interpreted as: “Have a happy new hair… I mean, new year.”

Taeyeon is wearing a beautiful Hanbok and an extremely long historical-style beard. This is the first time Taeyeon had worn a silly costume in the fourteen years of her career, so fans were quite surprised.

Still, fans thought it was hilarious.

In each episode, a market from South Korea is featured by 3 types of its food. The cast has to win games in order to try the delicious food that’s featured for the week. Each episode also features a dress code. This episode was appropriately themed after the Lunar New Year. Taeyeon had previously lost a bet on a previous episode, so she had to wear a beard along with her week’s costume as punishment.

Taeyeon joined Amazing Saturday when Hyeri stepped down.

Source: Wiki Tree

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