Taeyeon’s Dance Move In “Stress” Is Proof She’s Trying To Destroy Us All

Who knew “Stress” could be so stressful for our hearts?

Although Taeyeon has had a lot of experience over the years stealing everyone’s heart with her amazing vocals and dance moves, absolutely no one was prepared for her dance moves to “Stress”.


Taeyeon has recently kicked off her ‘S Concert in Seoul and absolutely stunned fans with all of her amazing performances.


Taeyeon’s “Stress” might be one of her older songs but it still packs quite a punch and has the ability to leave everyone feeling incredibly breathless.


In particular, there is one move that Taeyeon does that makes SONEs hearts skip a beat. During Taeyeon’s line, “You got me smoking cigarettes, I’m in stress baby,” she pulls out moves to exactly match the feeling and it always gives fans a hard time.


The move is so fluid and fits so perfectly that anyone who sees it can’t help but be mesmerized.


When she performed the song once again during the concert, it reminded everyone just how much they loved it. Now everyone’s been showing some serious love for her deadly moves.


Whenever she performs “Stress” or really anything at all, it’s honestly further proof that she’s out to destroy us all. And she’s so good at it! Check out the fancam of the deadly performance below but you’ll definitely want to prepare your heart first!

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