Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Was Once Overcome With Laughter Because Of Comedian Kim Hyun Chul’s Pants

Containing laughter has always been a struggle for Taeyeon.

Before her time as a main cast member of tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon was one of the main hosts on Win Win. 

During a Win Win episode, actor Hwang Jung Min and comedian Kim Hyun Chul made a special guest star appearance.

The two were sharing stories and it wasn’t until Taeyeon asked if there was a moment where Hwang Jungmin was jealous of Kim Hyun Chul that things got hilarious.

Comedian Kim Hyun Chul then shared a story of him as a high school student. He claimed that he was very popular with girls and was an overall bad boy.

While trying to demonstrate just how much of a bad boy he was, Kim Hyun Chul performed a kicking gesture that resulted in him ripping his pants.

Of course, the cast members exploded with laughter over the comedian being unintentionally funny by ripping his pants.

As soon as the camera panned over to Taeyeon, she was overcome with laughter, covering her face with her queue cards and leaning back in her chair.

Even when the camera wasn’t on her, the top of Taeyeon’s head could be seen in the corner camera as she was still dying of laughter.

Suddenly, Taeyeon’s laughter brought her out of her chair and she hilariously stumbled across the stage.

Fellow host and comedian Kim Shin Young yelled “Taeyeon is exploding! Taeyeon! Taeyeon!” She also added the funny comment, “she’s never had a boyfriend!” To which Kim Hyun Chul apologized, “I’m sorry.”

As Kim Shin Young guided Taeyeon back to her chair, Taeyeon couldn’t help but let out another hilarious giggle. Kim Shin Young advised Taeyeon to “Take a break! Take a break!” and tried to convince her saying, “you didn’t see anything.

Taeyeon, still shocked from what she just witnessed, covered her eyes and let out a “wow.”

Luckily for Kim Hyun Chul and Taeyeon, the hosts requested a break. Kim Hyun Chul was able to get new pants and Taeyeon was able to cool down.

Check out the clip below:

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