Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Reveals The Process Of Creating Her Iconic “Amazing Saturday” Looks

Every look instantly becomes iconic!

For those who are fans of tvN‘s Amazing Saturday, you are well aware that the cast is always looking gorgeous! As each episode has a theme, the cast members come to set in the most stunning attire! One cast member who never seems to disappoint with her costumes in none other than Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon!

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Many are curious to know how Taeyeon and her team are able to come up with her looks and in her interview with Cosmopolitan Korea, Taeyeon dished on its detailed process!

Cosmopolitan Korea

When asked if her opinions were valued and inputted into her Amazing Saturday ensembles, Taeyeon shared she’s completely involved in the process.

Q: One focus point of Amazing Saturday is watching the cast dress up for certain themes. Are your opinions reflected when preparing?

There is a chatroom with me, my stylist, hair and my makeup director where we discuss everything. If the theme is decided before the recording, we all share ideas like, ‘How about this kind of makeup?’ ‘Oh, I think this will be better?’

— Taeyeon


Taeyeon added that she even shares her ideas first before her team does. Since Taeyeon serious about the show, her ambition and ideas come out easily.

I’ll sometimes give the first suggestion, but regardless of what the concept is, it’s all fun. I’m serious about the program, so it comes naturally.

— Taeyeon

SHINee’s Key (left) and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon (right) | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Furthermore, Taeyeon shared she’s grateful and finds herself lucky to be able to be a part of Amazing Saturday. Through the show, Taeyeon revealed she has gained a lot.

I find it’s luck that I am able to do Amazing Saturday. It really has a great additional effect on my internally. Thanks to it, I’ve gotten brighter and laughed more.

— Taeyeon

Cosmopolitan Korea

Taeyeon added that her participation in the show has also helped her relationships outside the show and her way of life!

My personal relationships have definitely broaded more than before as well. Human relationships are definitely wider than before.

— Taeyeon

Cosmopolitan Korea
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